After the General Assembly, during which the President and the General Treasurer made an account of the Ordre des Canardiers’ activities, affected by the pandemic, a group of 40 members were pleased to have lunch together again at “La Couronne”, one of Rouen’s renowned restaurants, on October 9th.

They were first offered a glass of champagne and then were served the following menu : Home-made Foie Gras, Prawn-breaded Sea Bass flavoured with Ginger, Assorted Cheeses, and for dessert, the famous Norman Calvados Soufflé.

Fine white and red wines accompanied this “reunion lunch” that everyone had been looking forward to after the long pause.

We had a kind thought for the members who were unable to attend the meal.

Josette CHEVAL and Philippe DUJAY, from the Bureau of the Ordre des Canardiers

Assemblée Générale et déjeuner à la Couronne

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