The Ordre des Canardiers

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The Ordre des Canardiers. was created in January 1986 by Michel GUERET, Founding President, with 20 personalities who cared for the maintenance of our cultural heritage: culinary art, symbolized by the development of a great regional recipe, Rouennaise Duckling. With the support of Mayor and Senator Jean LECANUET, the Ordre des Canardiers spread in France and even abroad. Its main activity consists in promoting the recipe, informing the public and training chefs and students in catering colleges;

Michel Gueret - Président Fondateur de l’Ordre des Canardiers
Michel Gueret - Founding President of the Order of Canardiers
Les membres fondateurs de l'Ordre des Canardiers en 1987
The founding members of the Order of Canardiers in 1987

The Ordre des Canardiers and the City of Rouen are linked in two ways : onthe one hand, the Mayor is inducted Great Honourable Canardier and on the other hand, the Canardiers' coat of arms is inspired from the City's.

Blason de la ville de Rouen
Coat of Arms of the city of Rouen
Médaille Ordre des Canardiers

Medal of the Ordre des Canardiers

The members are either professionals, who are inducted Master Canardiers, or gourmets who defend the local gastronomy and are inducted Lady Canardiers or Gentleman Canardiers. Personalities who contribute to the promotion of the Ordre can be inducted Honourable Canardiers.

The members are regularly invited to take part in events including a cultural activity and a meal.

The Ordre des Canardiers is managed by a Governing Board, which elected during the General Assembly.

Governing Board

After the general assembly on October 5th, 2019, here are the members of the board :  

Elected Members

David BROCHET, Josette CHEVAL, Gérard COUDRAY, Paul DEFEUILLET, Alain DEFOUR, John DOUGHTY, Philippe DUJAY, Line FIQUET, Frédéric FOURE, Pierre GUERET, Jean-Pierre GUERIN, Jean-Louis GUIBEY, Loïc LELIEUR, Jean LOISEL, Didier MARLAY, Julien MARCHAL-GUERET, Maryvonne MAZE-COLBOC, Patrice THOMAS, Jean-Pierre VILLETTE.

Executive Board

Patrice THOMAS President, Gérard COUDRAY 1st Vice President, Philippe DUJAY 2nd Vice Président , Maryvonne MAZE-COLBOC Secretary, Jean LOISEL Treasurer, Josette CHEVAL, Paul DEFEUILLET, John DOUGHTY , Frédéric FOURE, Jean Louis GUIBEY

Fouding Members

Gilles HAUVILLE, Patrick HERR.