An outing to the Pays de Caux took place on April 25th, a bright and sunny day. It started with a visit of the Fishery Museum in Fécamp. This museum is located in the building where the cod caught in the cold seas near Newfoundland and Iceland was brought back in the 19th and 20th centuries. It was processed by women, most of the time the fishermen’s wives, and then dispatched all over the country. Later, salmon and herring were also smoked in the premises. The museum also showcases the local people’s daily lives with models of fishing ships, tools, furniture, tableware and paintings. The first individual feeding bottles, designed by a local doctor, are also displayed, showing how they resulted in the decrease of infant mortality. From the top of the building, one can enjoy a magnificent view of Fécamp, its abbey, St Étienne’s Church, Notre-Dame du Salut’s Chapel, which was a landmark for the fishermen at sea, the harbour and the cliffs.

A lovely drive across the country displaying yellow and green colours took the Canardiers to Pierre Caillet’s Bec au Cauchois restaurant. Pierre Caillet, who is both a Michelin star Chef and « Meilleur Ouvrier de France » welcomed them with a delicate meal full of surprises, made from the produces of his own garden. He and his young staff were warmly applauded by the guests, who unanimously agreed to say it was an exceptionally delicious meal. The photos of the report will make your mouth water. This why we invite you to pay a visit to Pierre Caillet’s restaurant for an exceptional experience.

Looking forward to other culinary discoveries,

Your guides,

Josette CHEVAL and Bruno BERTHEUIL

Journée Fécamp

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