After a 2-year pause due to the pandemic, the Ordre des Canardiers held their traditional gala evening which included an induction ceremony. The event took place in Rouen’s Halle aux Toiles and gathered 157 guests. 
Jean-Louis GUIBEY, Head of Protocol, brilliantly conducted the induction ceremony, which started with the induction of 15 Lady and Gentleman Canardiers. Then, Jean-Jacques GANON, a former Head of Department at Mont-Saint-Aignan’s Apprentice Institute was inducted Master Canardier. As for Silvia MEILHAUS, the German Consul’s wife, and Cécile THOMAS, they were both inducted Officer Lady Canardier. The ceremony ended with Alain DEFOUR’S induction as member of the Board of the Ordre des Canardiers.
The guests were then offered a cocktail and a dinner prepared by ERISAY Receptions, during which the demonstration was achieved in 2 different spots of the hall by Master Canardiers David BROCHET, Pierre GUERET, Gilles HAUVILLE and Julien MARCHAL-GUERET. The menu consisted of Chestnut Cream Soup with Chips of Lobster, Souffle Sole with Lobster Medallion and Vegetable Julienne in Champagne sauce, Felix Faure-style Rouennaise Duckling (in 2 courses), Cheese, and Dessert.
This Festival was an opportunity to thank former Mayor Yvon ROBERT and his wife for their support and presence at most of the Ordre des Canardiers’ events. Two new members, who were unable to attend, were also introduced to the guests : Canardier of Honour Louis PRIVAT, owner of “Les Grands Buffets de Narbonne” and his Chef, Master Canardier Philippe MUNOS. The former’s thank you message to the Canardiers was read by Jean-Louis GUIBEY.

Le XXXIIème Festival des Canardiers- les nouveaux membres

XXXII ème Festival de l'Ordre des Canardiers-la soirée

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