Demonstration at the Marcel Sauvage Training Institute of Mont-Saint-Aignan (IFA)

Rouen’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized a special event in the premises of the IFA in order to introduce young people to a wide range of jobs and different trainings, and also to get them to meet professionals.

On that occasion, Master Canardier Jean-Jacques GANON, former Head of the Catering and Hospitality Department of the IFA offered the organisers a participation of the Ordre des Canardiers, with 2 demonstrations of Rouennaise Duckling including the preparation in the kitchen and in the dining-room. Gilles HAUVILLE, Jean-Jacques GANON, Loïc LELIEUR and Jean-Paul LAVISSE performed these demonstrations, which were filmed so as to be used in class. Each time, two visitors were invited to act as guests in a restaurant and some samples were also distributed to the public.

Nuit de l'orientation

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