Writer Gustave Flaubert on the menu of a Canardier event

On November 18th, in the premises of “Les Capucines”, the Canardiers were given a lecture by Joëlle and Yvon ROBERT, both long-time members of the Canardiers. The lecture dealt with the Rouennaise writer’s life and work. Mrs ROBERT, who wrote “Un rêve de Flaubert”, focused on gastronomy in Flaubert’s days and novels. Her original and instructive lecture combined literature and gastronomy and was illustrated by excerpts read by her husband. They were accompanied by Valérie DUCLOS, who published “À la Table de Flaubert”, a book of recipes adapted from Flaubert’s work. After thanking their interesting lecturers, the Canardiers were served a meal prepared by Chef Thierry DEMOGET, who found his inspiration in dishes served in Flaubert’s days.

Dîner au restaurant "Les Capucines"

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