Induction at Otto’s in London

Rouennaise Duckling is a prestigious recipe of our gastronomy which is highly rated by French cuisine lovers abroad. Our German Consul, Albert MEILHAUS, discovered Otto’s, a British restaurant whose menu includes Pressed Duckling. This restaurant, located in London, is run by a German chef, Otto Tepasse, who has other gastronomic dishes on his menu, such as Pressed Lobster and Bresse Chicken demi-deuil.
Pressed Duckling is served every day in the restaurant, like December 7th, 2023, when President Patrice THOMAS and Treasurer Jean LOISEL, accompanied by their wives, visited Otto and inducted him Master Canardier. Unfortunately, owing to bad weather conditions in Munich, Albert MEILHAUS and his wife were unable to attend the event.
Otto’s website :

Otto TEPASSE Londres

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